Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Do you think you are using Google at 100% capability? Think again!

Google, everyone is talking about it. Everyone is using it (well, almost). So it is not really a surprise that for my first post, I’m going to give you tips on how to use it in order to find candidates CV.
All links in this post will open a search result, nothing else.

So how Google could help you find candidates?

Let take an example. Imagine, you are trying to look for a Java developer. Your database is not helping you much. You already posted adverts on all the job boards you know. Ok, you don’t know where to search. Well, if you are trying Java developer on Google, you have 35 000 000+ results.
Not really helpful.

Yes, you can indeed adding few key words in the query line but today’s tips is more about specific operators you can play with.

The first interesting one is “intitle:”
How can this be useful? It will order Google to look for key words only on the title of the web page.

So, try the same search but this time with intitle: operator.
“Only” 200 000 results. Still way too many.
I obviously assumed that you already know the “And” operator.

If you are looking for different words in the title, you can try that:
The only drawback is that we have no 2+ million search results.

Most of recruiters will always look after PDF or Word document. Yes, they want your CV, in .doc format please, so they can remove your contact details and send it to their clients (you approval is, depending of the agency, relevant or not).

So, let try to find a way with the filetype: operator.
A file will always (in Windows based operating systems) have a name (i.e:myfile) and an extension (.doc). The extension will tell your operation system to open myfile.doc with a specific software (in this case, Word or OpenOffice Writer).

Try this:

1 000+ results but at least they all are in pdf.
In order to remove all templates cv tips and so on, you can ended your query by

If you want only CV from the UK (I’m using google.co.uk for this blog) you can click on Pages from the UK:

There you go!
102 search results of Java developer in the UK.

So we had 35 000 000 results at the beginning, and now only 102. I hope you are impressed J

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